sensing and spectroscopy executive breakfast

sensing and spectroscopy executive breakfast

31st January 2017

 W hotel, 181 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA (3 min walk from Moscone Center)

7.30 am Breakfast

8.00 am Presentations

Sergio Nicoletti, MIRPHAB Coordinator CEA-Leti “MIRPHAB: a platform for the development of disruptive technologies for chemical sensing”

Johannes Koeth, CEO Nanoplus,Mid infrared laser sources for sensing within MIRPHAB”

Jean-Marc Fedeli, Technical Coordinator MIRPHAB, CEA-LETI, “MIRPHAB Mid-IR Photonic Integrated Circuits”

Adam Piotrowski, President Vigo Systems, “High-reliability Mid IR detectors for sensing applications”

Mitch Heins, Business developer Phoenix Software, “PhoeniX Software & Global Eco System”

9.15 am Networking


REGISTRATION: The event is free of charge but on invitation, on-site registration is NOT possible. If you are President / Managing Director / CEO / CTO of a photonic manufacturing company and are interested in sensing and spectroscopy, contact with: