mir sensors

Mid iNFRARED-based chemical sensors

MIR-based chemical sensors are the perfect candidates to be integrated into already existing equipment or for on-line or even in-situ (in-line) monitoring for analyzing the chemical composition of samples in industrial process control, such as in petrochemical or pharmaceutical industry. 

The Mid-Infrared (MIR) light has a strong interaction with molecular vibrations. In MIR, each molecule presents a unique adsorption spectrum providing a simple solution for sensing.

Advantages of MIR-based chemical sensors in comparison with actual techniques:

  • SIMPLICITY: they work in a direct and label-free way avoiding additional steps and allowing an unattended operation. 
  • FAST ANALYSIS: results are obtained in real-time.
  • LOW COST: wafer-level fabrication of the photonic circuits is already matured, hundred of devices are produced at the same time in a cost-effective way,
  • SMALL SIZE: photonic circuits can be integrated with lasers and detectors on the same platform, obtaining a reduced final device.