Presentations at Photonics21 Annual meeting. 28 - 29 May 2015 - Le Plaza Hotel, Brussel

Sergio Nicoletti, "MIRPHAB: brief description (pdf file)" 
Sergio Nicoletti, "MIRPHAB Fact Sheets and Project Objectives (pdf file)"


Photonics PPP Project MIRPHAB” Sergio Nicoletti and Jose Pozo, HPhos, 2015.
Real-Time, Han-Held Scanner to Revolutionize Airport Security” Sergio Nicoletti and Jose Pozo, SCI NEWS, July 20, 2016.
EU’s MIRPHAB project unveils mid-IR chemical sensor six-times faster than alternatives” Sergio Nicoletti and Jose Pozo, SemiconductorTODAY, August 23, 2016.
Miniature Spectroscopy Sensor Project Has Big Industrial Ambitions” John Hitch, New Equipment Digest, September 28, 2016.
Pilot Line Underscores Untapped Potential of Mid-IR Spectroscopy” Jose Pozo, EuroPhotonics December 2016.
Europe joins forces towards commercialization of novel Mid-IR photonic sensors” Ana Belen Gonzalez and Jose Pozo, Optics&Photonics December 2016.

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