The main goal of the MIRPHAB project is to secure and reinforce the leadership of Europe´s Photonics industry in the field of sensing and spectroscopy of chemicals in the Mid-IR region increasing the competitiveness in this field. This result will be achieved by setting up and operating a fabrication platform for Mid-IR Photonics devices with open access for fast Mid-IR device prototyping to SME, Industry and academics. This goal will be pursued by the integration and the assessment of a number of developments to assure manufacturability over the whole fabrication chain. The main objectives of MIRPHAB are:

  • the supply of MIR components for SMEs already active in analytical MIR sensing,
  • the reduction of the investment cost for companies already active in analytical sensors but new to MIR based sensing,
  • the attraction of companies new to the field of analytical sensors, aiming to integrate µ-sensors into their products.

MIRPHAB provides expert design and fabrication for the development of your MIR sensing device (from chip processing on wafer level to packaging and testing) as well as access to facilities and training services to its customers. ​The standardization of fabrication processes & devices and the assessment of the full supply chain from chip fabrication to packaged and tested devices will be the main target objectives of the platform activity. At end of the project, the pilot line will have established a full industrial supply chain to make ready-to-use sensing devices available for application developers on a commercial basis.

​Rapid access to innovative photonics technologies based on foundry services will pave the way to large scale industrialization of Mid-IR spectroscopic sensing, bridging the gap between the achievement of technological advancements and their valorization via commercial exploitation in high added- value products.